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Storyteller - Writer - Photographer - Content Creator & Developer

About Me

I love creating. Whether it's waiting in the dark to take the perfect photo of the stars, writing until the story is told, or developing engaging content, I love producing work I'm proud of. By using creative mediums as platforms for excellent storytelling, furthering a brand, or enhancing a business, we can create something with purpose together. 

I have worked in international non-profit content creation + development, local storytelling + photography, and behavioral health marketing + brand management. 

My Services

I'd love to collaborate with you! Every brand + person is distinctive -- with a story to tell. I'll work with you to strengthen your brand while creating new avenues of reach + depth through copywriting, visuals, design, social media, and marketing. 

My Services Include: Copywriting/editing, Photography, Creative, Social Media Strategy/Management, Content Production, and Brand Development. Check out my "About" page for details. 

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."

Amelia Earhart